When we talk about washing systems in the food industry, we consider all those solutions that are necessary for cleaning and sanitizing the areas where various foods are processed or stored. In this area, high pressure must be able not only to remove dirt, but also to sanitize surfaces by eliminating pathogens. To be able to do this there is a need to use hot water and special detergents.

Most of our pumps are already capable of working with water up to 65°, a temperature that in many cases is useful to perform a good cleaning, but unfortunately not high enough to allow proper sanitization. That is the reason why, based on the existing pump series, we have created variants capable of working up to 85°.

To make this possible we worked on the materials used for the seals and allowing them to last a satisfactory time, still we were forced to lower the maximum pressure of our pumps to contain the negative effects of hot water, the nickel head instead allows us to be in harmony with the materials normally used in the food industry.

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Double flange electric motor
B3/B14 Electric motor version
Flexible coupling
VB 80/280
VB HT 33
VS 310
VS 200/200
VS 26 AISI 316
RL 34 Spray gun
RL 204 spray gun
Lance 900 mm
lance 1200 mm
Pressure Gauge

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