Industrial Cleaning

When high pressure exceeds the threshold of 350 BAR, we’re looking not at a regular cleaning activity, but at industrial washing, where numerous applications are possible. Consider cleaning large surfaces to remove covering agents such as varnishes, chemical stains or rust that has formed on steel. An extra-high-pressure jet can be used to effectively remove these elements quickly without leaving residue that can be damaging to the area below or the environment.

Ultra-high pressure is also used for other fields of application, such as hydrodemolition, for the removal of parts of damaged concrete without damaging the steel structure inside; decontamination, to remove harmful substances from a surface, or for working with materials such as natural stone, bricks or metals.

Thanks also to the help and experience of partners in our group already present in these sectors of application, we have been able to develop solutions with high levels of pressure and quality standards that exceed those required for our traditional products.

Pumps for Industrial Cleaning

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