Pressure Washers

Pressure washer is the application field with which our company was born and for which our pumps have been designed for years, still the field where we are best known in the world and have the highest sales numbers.

Years of experience in this field have enabled us to develop piston pumps that are increasingly targeted to customers’ needs and finally complete our range with all possible variants to meet every different performance requirement.

Our pumps are chosen for use in pressure washers that need to do intensive type of work, either due to uses that count several hours a day of work or with the use of aggressive water or even in harsh environments. Still they can be used with both hot and cold water.

We are able to provide pressure and flow rate solutions to cover all our customers’ requirements worldwide. On the other hand, close cooperation with a number of electric and endothermic motor manufacturers has enabled us to ensure optimal couplings and performance in line with the available powers.

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Catalogues and Leaflets

Pressure Washers

Pumps for Pressure Washers

Accessories for Pressure Washers

Hollow shaft electric motor
B3/B14 Electric motor version
P.T.O. multiplier
VRT3 with micro-switch
VS 160
VS 310
280 Eco Spray Gun
Lance 900 mm
lance 1200 mm
Foam Lance
Kit Gun + Lance + High pressure hose
Nozzle U 15°
Nozzle U 25°
Pressure Gauge
Chem MM
Chem FM

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