Pressure Washers

Hawk is engaged in the production of a wide range of high-pressure pumps for pressure washers with various features. Available from 100 to 300 Bar, the pumps listed below are entirely designed and manufactured by the company and are capable of offering extremely high performance.

Pumps for Pressure Washers

Accessories for Pressure Washers

Hollow shaft electric motor
B3/B14 Electric motor version
P.T.O. multiplier
VRT3 with micro-switch
VS 160
VS 310
250 Spray Gun
280 Eco Spray Gun
310 Spray gun
Weep spray gun
Lance 900 mm
lance 1200 mm
Foam Lance
Kit Gun + Lance + High pressure hose
Nozzle U 15°
Nozzle U 25°
Pressure Gauge
Chem MM
Chem FM

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