Vehicle Wash

Vehicle washing is one of the most popular uses of our high-pressure pumps, starting from the most traditional forms, when washing was done by hand with the aid of a simple pressure washer. This system remains common today in many places.

However, when we talk about a carwash today, we generally think of the classic multiple-bay, self-service types, or more often the automatic systems with brushes: both these solutions require fairly limited intervention on the part of an operator, or can be managed independently by users of the services.

These ideas, however, allow the system to operate up to 24 hours a day, and with washing programmes that differ widely from one another, thus requiring a greater effort from the washing equipment.

We are aware of these requirements, and we’ve studied solutions designed to allow our pumps to operate for longer, with less frequent maintenance, as well as the option for the same pump to function properly at different temperatures, using more or less aggressive detergents, or even demineralised or osmotised water.

We have solved these issues primarily by selecting from our range pumps that are oversized for this type of application, and by trying to select new materials and configurations so we are ready to meet each one of these particular requirements.

Pumps for Vehicle Wash

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