Municipal Cleaning

There are numbers of situations in the municipal sphere where the use of high-pressure water is required. One example are septic trucks, where the pump is used to remove material that has collected and formed an obstruction in the sewage network. The jet of water produced by the pump, hose and drain cleaning nozzle, which moves thanks to the pressure of the system, can be the most efficient tool for proper pipe cleaning and maintenance, and the use of only pure water, with no chemical additives, is also a solution that helps protect the environment. We have designed high-pressure pumps with high flow rates specifically for this application, so that the process can be carried out quickly and effectively.

High pressure can also be used on road vehicles, such as road sweeping and cleaning machines, for washing communication routes, or as an auxiliary system for more or less specifically targeted cleaning. In the case of moving vehicles, the pump is normally powered by a hydraulic or combustion motor. We are aware of this problem, so we have designed our range of pumps with the possibility to supply direct connections to the motor using dedicated flange and joint systems, or with the aid of speed reducers to align the speed of the motor to the pump speed.

All these solutions can be used in the same way for all the other washing applications that are mounted on moving vehicles.



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Municipal Cleaning

Pumps for Municipal Cleaning

Accessories for Municipal Cleaning

Hydraulic gear motor
Hydraulic piston motor
Hydraulic flanges and couplings kit
Gearboxes for 55kw motors
VB 85/280
VB 140/160
VB 200/150
VRPP 170
VB 200/280
VRPP 200/280
VB 450/200
VRPP 450/200
VBR 500
VS 310
VS 360
VS 200/200
VS 450/300
VS 500
RL 56 Spray gun
RL 57 Spray gun
RL 34 Spray gun
RL 84 Spray gun
RL 204 spray gun
Lance 900 mm
lance 1200 mm
S3 350 Inox lance
S3 400 lance
High flow lance
Pressure Gauge
Jetter valves
Magnetic clutch

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