New product catalog 2024


With great excitement, we announce the launch of the new catalog for 2024, a real revolution in the world of pumping solutions. True to our tradition of innovation and quality, we have introduced a number of new products and improvements that further elevate industry standards.

These innovations are the result of an ongoing commitment to research and development, with the aim of providing our customers with increasingly high-performance and reliable solutions.

In the new catalog, two products stand out for their outstanding performance: the TPX and TXT series pumps.

TPX series pumps are designed to withstand extreme conditions, with an operating capacity at pressures up to 600 bar and water temperatures up to 65°C (149 F). With a head made of Ecobrass, making them particularly robust, these pumps are ideal for non-portable washing systems and intensive industrial cleaning applications.

On the other hand, TXT series pumps are distinguished by their versatility. These pumps can operate at a maximum pressure of 250 bar, with a flow rate of 220 liters per minute and water temperatures up to 65°C (149 F). Their high flow capacity makes them suitable for mounting on large vehicles for municipal cleaning services and other industrial applications.

As for the hydraulic motor pumps, we cannot fail to mention the new NMT and NPM groups. Hydraulic motor pumps in the NMT group can operate at a maximum pressure of 200 bar and handle water temperatures up to 65°C, making them ideal for municipal cleaning applications.

Meanwhile, the NPM series hydraulic motor pumps represent an advanced version of the NMT model, with an ability to work at even higher pressures, up to 250 bar. These motor pumps are particularly suitable for mounting on professional pressure washers or other washing systems that require higher performance than conventional 200-bar models.

As always, quality remains our trademark: every product in Hawk's catalog is the result of meticulous attention to detail and strict quality control.

Discover the new catalog now and be surprised by our innovative solutions!

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