Cleaning monuments and the role of Hawk pumps


Historic monuments are valuable relics of the past and require special care to preserve them over time. Their regular cleaning is essential to remove dirt accumulated over the years and protect the materials from damage.

With this article, we at Hawk will explore this important public service, focusing on the role that piston pumps play in the cleaning process.

Main materials and tools for cleaning monuments

In monument cleaning, the use of appropriate tools and materials is critical to achieve effective results without compromising the integrity of surfaces; common ones include:

  • Pressure washers equipped with piston pumps: they allow the removal of stubborn dirt without damaging the underlying materials. They are the perfect balance of power and precision and are ideal for cleaning monuments made of a variety of materials.
  • Water: is one of the most important materials for cleaning monuments. It can be used alone or in combination with other cleaning agents to remove dirt.

In addition, it should be mentioned that, depending on the specific characteristics of the monument and the type of dirt to be removed, specially formulated cleaners may be used. These cleaners are carefully selected to ensure effective action without damaging the materials of the monument itself. The choice of detergent is an integral part of the cleaning preparation and planning process.

The key role of piston pumps in monument cleaning

Piston pumps play an essential role in cleaning monuments, whether they are used in pressure washers or in other machinery dedicated to surface treatment. Their main function is to generate high, controlled pressures that allow them to deliver water or any solvents with the power needed to remove accumulated dirt.

Thanks to the precision with which pressure can be adjusted, piston pumps enable gentle treatment of surfaces while ensuring optimal effectiveness in removing the most stubborn dirt. This ability to adapt to the specific needs of each monument, combined with their power and reliability, make them essential tools in the maintenance and preservation of historical and cultural heritage.

Conclusions and Hawk's most suitable pumps

In conclusion, monument cleaning is an essential service in preserving our historical and cultural heritage, and piston pumps play a vital role in this process. At Hawk, we are proud to offer a wide range of pumps that are specially designed to meet the specific needs of this industry and that can be mounted on high-pressure pressure washers or on machinery for use with chemicals.

Among our proposals, the NPM Series stands out for its high performance and ability to be used in professional pressure washers, ensuring optimal results even in the most demanding situations. With a maximum pressure of 250 bar and a water temperature of up to 65°, this pump is perfect for the method of cleaning monuments using hot water.

For those who need pumps dealing with aggressive liquids, we recommend the NHDP Chemical Series. These piston pumps, equipped with an Ecobrass head, can work with a wide range of solvents at a maximum pressure of 200 bar and a water temperature of up to 65°C. They are ideal for use in monument cleaning machines that use water and specific products.

We understand the difficulty in choosing the right pump, which is why the Hawk team is always available to offer personalized assistance and advice. Contact us today to find out how we can help you preserve and maintain the cities historic and cultural heritage over time.

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