By-pass valve: what it is and how it works


A focus on these components that are so important for pressure regulation

The by-pass valve is a key component of pressure systems and pressure washers, as it allows the water pressure to be regulated and ensures safe and efficient operation of the equipment.

With this article, we at Hawk will explore in detail what a by-pass valve is, how it works in pressure systems, and its practical use in pressure washers.

What is a by-pass valve

A by-pass valve is a component that allows fluid to flow into a secondary system when the pressure exceeds a certain preset value.

In pressure washers, this component is essential to regulate water pressure and protect the pump from damage caused by excessive pressure.

Main components of a by-pass valve

A by-pass valve consists of several parts:

  • valve body;
  • piston;
  • spring;
  • pressure regulator.

The valve body is the main part that regulates the flow of water. The piston and spring are responsible for opening or closing the valve according to the water pressure. Finally, the pressure regulator allows you to set the desired value for the by-pass pressure.

Operation of the by-pass valve

While the pressure washer is in use, the by-pass valve operates continuously to maintain a constant pressure in the system. When you turn on the pressure washer and start spraying water, the pressure gradually increases. When the pressure reaches the preset value, the spring compresses and the piston opens, allowing some of the water flow to be diverted into a secondary circuit.

When the pressure drops again, the spring releases and, as a result, the piston closes, blocking the passage of water into the secondary circuit.

The importance of the by-pass valve in pressure washers

Because of its regulating function, the by-pass valve is widely used in pressure washers, and its practical application is evident in various situations. For example, when using the pressure washer to clean a delicate surface, such as a car or window, it is critical to reduce the water pressure to avoid damage. In this case, the by-pass valve allows the pressure to be adjusted so that a gentler spray is achieved.

In addition, the by-pass valve is critical to the safety of the pressure washer: if the water pressure were to reach levels dangerous to the pump, the valve would automatically open to protect it from damage.

Conclusions and the role of Hawk

In conclusion, the by-pass valve is not only an essential component for pressure management in pressure systems and pressure washers, but is also a crucial element in the safety and efficiency of these devices.

In this context, we at Hawk are an international benchmark for the supply of pressure regulating valves with by-pass. Backed by a wealth of experience and an unwavering dedication to innovation, we offer state-of-the-art solutions that stand out for their reliability, durability and precision.

For those looking for a by-pass valve for pressure washers, we cannot but recommend the VBT model. In fact, this product is designed to operate with flow rates up to 25 l/min and pressures up to 275 bar.

Contact us now and take advantage of our professional advice to identify the ideal by-pass valve that meets your specific needs!

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